• Authentic Living

    Claire Musters
    Apr 22nd 2018
    Guest speaker, Claire Musters, shares her story and encourages us that though we often hide from the world behind masks we have carefully constructed, this is not how God created us to be.

  • The Galilean Patient Endurance

    Sam Walker
    Apr 15th 2018
    Sam Walker concludes our series The Galilean by looking a Jesus' words in Revelation to the church in Philadephia about patient endurance.

  • The Galilean Courage

    Joel Shopland
    Apr 8th 2018
    Joel Shopland continues our series by looking at what it means to have some Galilean courage.

  • The Galilean Challenge (Spoken Word)

    Ben Waite
    Apr 1st 2018
    A bonus track in The Galilean series. Ben Waite delivers a spoken word challenge based on Jesus’ words in Mark 8:34-38.

  • The Galilean Loving Kindness

    Prince Laryea
    Apr 1st 2018
    On Easter Sunday, Prince Laryea unpacks the loving kindness of Jesus shown as He has breakfast with His friends on a beach in Galilee after His resurrection.

  • The Galilean Forgiveness

    Dan Smith
    Mar 30th 2018
    In a shorter message on Good Friday, Dan Smith explores what the curtain in the temple tells us about Jesus’ forgiveness.

  • The Galilean Faithfulness

    Dan Smith
    Mar 25th 2018
    Dan Smith continues our series by looking at the faithfulness of Jesus and how the events surrounding Palm Sunday prove that He does all He says He will do.

  • The Galilean Humility

    Dan Smith
    Mar 18th 2018
    Discover how following Jesus is rational and restful as Dan Smith starts our new series The Galilean.

  • The Aroma that God Loves

    James Hunting
    Mar 11th 2018
    Jesus is a fragrant offering to God but scripture shows us that we too can be a pleasing aroma to God.

  • Let No Corrupting Talk Come Out Of Your Mouths

    Mar 4th 2018
    Continuing from our Ephesians 4 series. Gavin looks at how the gospel impacts the way in which we speak.