• Living Out Our Calling To Unity

    James Hunting
    Jan 7th 2018
    Paul, in Ephesians 4, shows us how we can nurture unity through humility, gentleness, patience and love.

  • How Jesus Removes Our Shame

    Andy McCullough
    Dec 3rd 2017
    Andy shares the accounts of three people listed in the genealogy of Jesus who had their shame removed, demonstrating how their story can also be our story.

  • Appointing New Elders

    Jim Partridge
    Nov 19th 2017
    Message from Jim Partridge at the appointment of two new elders at Crown Church.

  • Advancing the Gospel

    James Hunting
    Nov 26th 2017
    Part two of our journey towards a second congregation in Hillingdon.

  • Multiply

    James Hunting
    Nov 19th 2017
    James shares about plans to develop a second congregation in Hillingdon.

  • The Unconditional Offer Of Mercy

    Josh Insley
    Aug 20th 2017
    When we are sure of the future mercy we’ll receive from God, we will show mercy and compassion to those around us. Josh Insley continues our ‘Mercy’ series, based in the Beatitudes of Matthew chapter 5.

  • God Meets Misery With Mercy

    Dan Smith
    Aug 13th 2017
    It’s only when we understand our need for mercy that we’re able to love it and show it to others. Based in Matthew 9:9-13, Dan Smith continues our ‘Mercy’ series.

  • Let every sigh remind you that you need the Breath of God

    Dan Smith
    Nov 12th 2017
    What’s the first place you turn for comfort? Dan explores God’s promise in Isaiah 61 to ‘comfort all who mourn’.

  • The Kingdom of God

    Nov 5th 2017
    What is the Kingdom of God and what does it mean for us today?

  • Sent to Bind-up the Broken-hearted

    James Durrant
    Oct 29th 2017
    There are all sorts of things that can leave someone feeling broken and like nothing can make them whole again. The good news is that Jesus came to do more than just save us from our sins and then scarper, he was sent to bind up the broken-hearted.