"Music should strike fire from a man"

  • Corporate Worship
  • The quote above is from Beethoven and gets the point across well that music can have power. Music can define cultures, and so often divide them as well. Being a multi-cultural church we want to produce a new sound that will demonstrate the diversity of London and unite people in giving praise to the One it's due.

    Corporate worship doesn’t mean singing in suits and white collars; it’s what happens when a group of people express the same thing to God at the same time. Songs are a brilliant way to do this and we love to use some of the best songs from different parts of the world to tell God what we think of Him and be reminded of what He thinks of us. We also like to write our own songs, you can hear some of these in the box on this page.

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    Abbie Walker |

    Abbie is our Children's Support Worker, responsible for overseeing the 0-11's at Crown. She also now oversees our membership and lifegroups, helping people feel connected into the Crown Church family. She is married to Sam and they have been a part of Crown since early 2016. She is a big fan of tea, and has enough tea pots to open a small cafe.

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