People to know and a place to grow

  • Life Groups are our primary way of making sure that everyone in Crown Church is properly connected and supported. Members of a Life Group can learn from each other and help each other when in need.

    We have Life Groups all across Hillingdon and the surrounding parts of West London, and they range in size from 6 - 16 people. Each group meets mid-week to worship together, pray, study and apply the Bible, or just enjoy some socialising.

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  • Once you've found a group which meets near you (using the interactive map on the 'What are Life Groups' page) Get in touch with us to ask for details of a group. We're also happy to recommend a group that might suit your stage of life.

    If you haven’t yet been to one of our Sunday morning meetings, then that’s the best place to start. You will be well welcomed and you will meet some people who can help you to find the right group.

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  • Julian Shellard photo

    Julian Shellard |

    Julian and his wife Debbie have been at Crown Church before it existed. They moved to West London believing that God was calling them to be part of a church plant. They and their three children have sacrificially served Crown, especially in Julian's ministry of leading the BFI team, serving international students at Brunel.

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