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    Anita Ryan |

    Anita lovingly tends to our financial accounts on a part-time basis and is also raising three children with husband Eoin. Within her role, Anita spends a lot of time on a calculator; interestingly the world's first electronic, desktop calculator was invented in Uxbridge, appropriately named the Anita Mk VII.

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    Change My Mind Activity Book

    Sep. 12/19

    We're so excited for our new series, Change My Mind, Choosing Humility in a Global City. We're even...

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    Mad Science Party

    Oct. 24/18

    An event not to be missed! If you are in school years 1-6 and love fun, join us on 31st October for...

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    New Kids Groups

    Sep. 25/18

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    Sunbeams: babies and toddlers group

    Oct. 10/17

    We have recently launched an exciting new baby and toddler group designed for parents and carers...

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    Superhero Party 31st October

    Oct. 04/17

    An event not to be missed! If you are aged 3-11 and love fun, join us on 31st October for our...

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    Kids Church Transition Sunday

    Jul. 06/16

    On Sunday 10th July we will be having our kids work transition Sunday. Similar to what is taking...