We love kids at Crown Church

  • Sunday Morning Kids Groups

  • A large team of DBS-checked volunteers put on activities for four different age-groups on a Sunday morning. Registration takes place from 10.20am, and our aim is that it will be the best 90 minutes of your child's week (apart from when they have an incredible birthday or something). Here are the different groups:

    ...for ages 1-3, is a volunteer led group, so you can drop your little ones off and enjoy the service. This group starts from 10.45am and is packed with fun, play, stories and fun!

    Shining Stars
    ...is for children aged 3, right up until they leave year 1. This group starts at 10.20am straight after they check in, and is a time where children really start exploring God’s word and teaching, along with great videos, craft, colouring and more!

    ...is for our big kids! Children in years 2-6 all bundle in together for a fun packed morning, with games, challenges and big bible teaching! Supers (year 2-3) and Heroes (year 4-6). We start at 10.20am

    (There’s also a self-service crèche for parents and babies with audio and video link to the main meeting - though you’ll also find lots of parents with babies in the main hall).

    Registration for all 3 groups opens at 10.20am and is down the kids corridor!

    It’s completely fine to keep your kids with you in the main hall while you get to know the church, and we have a team of people waiting to help you locate where all the rooms are. 

    For information on our activities for those over 11, have a look at our ‘Youth’ page.

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  • Julian Shellard photo

    Julian Shellard |

    Julian and his wife Debbie have been at Crown Church before it existed. They moved to West London believing that God was calling them to be part of a church plant. They and their three children have sacrificially served Crown, especially in Julian's ministry of leading the BFI team, serving international students at Brunel.

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