Following a good model

  • When we give gladly and sacrificially to the local church we are rightly using the resources God has entrusted to us and are following His example and instructions.

    Please note, none of the leadership team know what individuals give within the church; it’s important that our motivation in giving is to honour God and bless others. Thank you for standing with us in this way.

    Here’s how you can give at Crown Church:

    – By standing order: it’s hugely helpful for our financial planning if you can give by standing order - there are no setup or transaction fees.
    Contact the office and we’ll send you everything you’ll need.

    – Cash or cheque:  All cheques should be made payable to ‘Crown Church’.
    If you wish to give cash at one of our Sunday services then it helps if you use one of our designated giving envelopes

    – Bank transfer: you can give directly into our bank account.
    Please email the church office for details.

    - By Credit or Debit card** via the button below:
    (opens in a new tab)

    Donate via ChurchSuitep

    **Please note
    We are charged a 2% transaction fee on payments by Direct Debit (capped at £4) and a 2.2% transaction fee on payments by Card (no cap).

    If you would like to set up regular ongoing giving we would ask you to consider setting up a standing order as this is the most cost effective way to give.

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  • If it weren't for generosity, we would all be in trouble. Through torture and execution Jesus demonstrated just how much He loves us. You've only got to take a good look inside or around to see how generous this love is. Not only can we now know forgiveness, but also the acceptance and affection of the King of the Universe; solely by believing that Jesus has done it all for us! Big Generosity.

    In comparison, our acts and generosity are tiny, and yet they can change situations and point people towards receiving God's 'Big Generosity'. Following God's model at Crown Church, we love to meet the needs of those in our local community and abroad - generosity is one of our core values.


    As a registered and monitored charity with detailed monthly financial reports and a board of unpaid Trustees, Crown Church are dedicated to handling money with complete integrity and transparency.

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  • James Durrant photo

    James Durrant |

    James has more capacity than a London bus, (and he will never leave you waiting in the rain). He leads our 'Submerge' 20s and students ministry with incredible passion and vision, and also works as a Technology Risk Consultant in central London.

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