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  • Image Exciting times for New Ground Churches - primary image

    Exciting times for New Ground Churches

    There are lots of exciting things happening in our New Ground churches at the moment. God is saving people, healing the sick, and He is leading us into new adventures. Here's a brief snapshot showing...

  • Image Perfectly Connected - primary image

    Perfectly Connected

    I wrote an article recently to introduce Crown to the rest of the New Ground group of churches. As I worked on it, I realised that God was working on me; rekindling an excitement to live here and be...

  • Image Jesus Is Back! - primary image

    Jesus Is Back!

    When you listen to some messages, it can be like having a broken headlamp replaced or a new wiper blade fitted; important, but afterwards it can feel like not much has changed. Then there are...

  • Image Ashburnham Afterthoughts - primary image

    Ashburnham Afterthoughts

    Just back from Ashburnham 2013 and potentially one of the best gatherings of churches I have ever been to (no exaggeration!)