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  • Image Challenge Accepted - primary image

    Challenge Accepted

    In this entry David Weir, a maths student currently on a placement year, puts forward a challenge to live for Christ at university and dishes out some wisdom on the importance of maintaining a...

  • Image Speaking Up & Sharing Jesus - primary image

    Speaking Up & Sharing Jesus

    Talking to the people around us about our faith can be a real challenge. In this entry, Tom Oakley, a Computer Science student at Brunel, offers some encouragement on being confident in Jesus and...

  • Image Get Plugged In - primary image

    Get Plugged In

    Church hunting can seem like a daunting task. So to help, recent Brunel graduate Josh offers 5 useful tips on how to find the right church for you.

  • Image #GetInvolved - primary image


    With the new term in full swing, second year Economics student Hannah Powell writes about the challenges of starting university in a new place, getting stuck in and making the most of first year.

  • Image Being ‘The Christian One’ - primary image

    Being ‘The Christian One’

    Standing out isn't easy, and taking a stand with God can be even harder. As one of a number of blogs this year written to encourage new and returning students, Naomi Douglas, a Biomedical Sciences...

  • Image 10 Reasons Why Hillingdon is a Great Place to Study - primary image

    10 Reasons Why Hillingdon is a Great Place to Study

    I came to Brunel in 2003, looking forward to studying Music Tech but also excited about being part of Crown Church that had planted in 2002. I now have a job, a shed, a wife, two children, a water...

  • Image Brunel Sports: mission-field or minefield? - primary image

    Brunel Sports: mission-field or minefield?

    Have you ever wondered weather being a Christian and playing sports at University can mix? Today, two sport students are on hand to chat through their experiences of being a Christian and playing...

  • Image Time well spent, time never lost - primary image

    Time well spent, time never lost

    One of the greatest problems and difficulties we all face as Christians is forgetfulness. Jo Hay, a third year physiotherapy student at Brunel, shares her heart on the importance of remembering that...

  • Image Journaling - primary image


    Here is an inspirational blog about journalling from Ben Waite, along with guidance and motivation on how begin journaling your experiences.

  • Image Studying theology and loving God - primary image

    Studying theology and loving God

    As a theology student I always get asked questions like ‘doesn’t studying theology make your relationship with God an academic exercise?’ or even ‘doesn’t it make people stop believing in...