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  • Image What is God’s will for my life? - primary image

    What is God’s will for my life?

    A few weeks ago Josh delivered a great message on the life of William Wilberforce and how his faith motivated him to use his life and position as an MP (1784–1812) to champion the cause of...

  • Image Leading Worship, Mopping Floors and Herding Sheep - primary image

    Leading Worship, Mopping Floors and Herding Sheep

    Asking me to lead worship would be the equivalent of asking you to herd sheep. You would look silly and foolish because you have no idea what you’re doing- ditto! I was recently asked to lead...

  • Image The Big Tick - primary image

    The Big Tick

    When I was asked to preach on a hymn this summer my mind went straight to 'Before The Throne Of God Above'. Sometimes looking too closely at something can make you love it less, but studying this...

  • Image Further Worship - The Output - primary image

    Further Worship - The Output

    After a few months of mixing and editing, I'm excited to finally release the output of our first 'Further Worship' event.

  • Image Seek peace and pursue it - primary image

    Seek peace and pursue it

    2 Sam 8:15, 'David reigned over all Israel, doing what was just and right for all his people.'

  • Image Of God and goalball - primary image

    Of God and goalball

    Here's a brilliant interview with our very own Paralympian, Michael Sharkey (taken from 'Idea', the magazine of the Evangelical Alliance).

  • Image Fire and the wheel - primary image

    Fire and the wheel

    An introduction and invitation to Further Worship, something new we're doing..

  • Image Monday Morning Coffee - primary image

    Monday Morning Coffee

    This morning, my messy house brought me to tears.

    After a busy weekend, I surveyed the chaos of a toddler’s room that’s long been neglected. I braced myself with a cup of coffee, using it as my...