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    Are you in the market?

    At the end of His letter to the Colossian church, Paul encourages them to not become isolated from people who aren’t Christians; and he uses some interesting language to do make his point stick.

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    A new man (Discussion Notes)

    Notes from Zach David's message on Colossians 3 v12-17

  • Image Jesus Unedited (Discussion Notes) - primary image

    Jesus Unedited (Discussion Notes)

    Jesus Unedited: Colossians 1:15-23
    This is a majestic passage of scripture showing Jesus in all his glory. Here 5 things it says about Jesus:

  • Image Before & After (Discussion Notes) - primary image

    Before & After (Discussion Notes)

    Paul wants to highlight the spiritual transformation that we go through when becoming a Christian- the ‘before’ and the ‘after’. It is transformation that is attributed to no one other than...

  • Image In Christ at Colossae (Discussion Notes) - primary image

    In Christ at Colossae (Discussion Notes)

    We constantly preach to ourselves some kind of gospel. You can preach an anti gospel – your own righteousness, power, wisdom, or you preach to yourself the true gospel of deep spiritual need and...