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  • Safeguarding

    Stefan is the head of our safeguarding team. He helps everyone stay safe at Crown. Here is a little bit about how our wonderful team make this possible.

  • Image Getting to know…Abigail Walker - primary image

    Getting to know…Abigail Walker

    Back in April we announced that Abbie has joined the team as our Children’s Support Worker. For anyone yet to meet Abbie, here's an opportunity to find out more about her…

  • Image Basis of Faith - primary image

    Basis of Faith

    We're grateful for the skill and passion of those at the Evangelical Alliance poured into the wording of these statements. At Crown Church we thoroughly endorse and enjoy all of the truth contained...

  • Image Getting to know… Anita Ryan - primary image

    Getting to know… Anita Ryan

    This term is an exciting one at Crown Church, not least because it sees two, new, part-time members of staff joining in the fun. With Femi taking on administrative responsibilities and overseeing the...

  • Image A worldwide family - primary image

    A worldwide family

    Who are Newfrontiers and why are we at Crown so glad to a part of a worldwide family? Have a look at this video, it's good to have your eyes lifted to see a bigger picture.

  • Image Devotion: no retreat, no reserves, whole surrender - primary image

    Devotion: no retreat, no reserves, whole surrender

    Our devotion to God is the greatest command.

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    Compassion = action

    Jesus' motivation for mission was compassion.

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    Creation: Mondays matter

    Historically, the wider church has adopted various stances toward culture; condemning it, critiquing it, copying it, or just consuming it. At Crown, we want to be people who cultivate: people who...

  • Image Freedom: play your part - primary image

    Freedom: play your part

    Freedom is God's will for you. Uncompromising and unrelenting freedom. For this Christ died. For this He rose. For this He sent His Spirit.

  • Image Decade Catch-up - primary image

    Decade Catch-up

    We’re so grateful for what God has done over the last 10 years. Here is a clip that gives just a flavour of some of the things that have happened in Crown Church’s first 10 years.