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  • Unity without uniformity

    Multiculturalism at Crown Church

    The Bible teaches that one day "every tribe, tongue and nation" will be a part of the worshipping of Jesus for the whole of eternity. At Crown we’re already warming up for that party as many different cultures gather together to worship Jesus each week. Jesus taught us to pray "Let your Kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven"; our diversity together is an expression of God’s coming Kingdom in our lives.

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    So how does this play out on the ground?

    When you’re with us on a Sunday, you’ll be quick to notice that there are many different nationalities in Crown. In fact, we have every continent (bar the extremely cold one) represented and over 30 different nationalities at the time of writing. We often celebrate different nations with themed international parties, songs sung in different languages and guest speakers from other nations in the world.

    Multiculturalism though is deeper than just ethnicity. In Crown there is old and young; student and retiree; company director and manual operative; single person and family member. We believe the church is the one place in the world where anyone, no matter what background, can be themselves and discover a God who loves every nation.

    Crown is also highly involved in other nations. In 2011, Crown Church planted Life Church in Istanbul - a team of pioneers went from us to Turkey and are now meeting every Sunday in the heart of Istanbul. We also support a work among the slums of Mumbai, India - we love our partnership with Living Hope Church and it’s a privilege to stand with them in the enormous task of caring for the poor in the great city of Mumbai.

    What is your story? We believe Crown is a better place, a more God-honouring place, having you and your culture with us!

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