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  • Time well spent, time never lost

    One of the greatest problems and difficulties we all face as Christians is forgetfulness. Jo Hay, a third year physiotherapy student at Brunel, shares her heart on the importance of remembering that our identity is in Christ, and that best way to not forget is simply by spending time with God.

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    There is a hunger that everyone feels and everyone finds ways to try and satisfy it. A hunger that is so deep, so real and so unknown to some. Sometimes it’s hard to describe, sometimes you barely recognise it; other times you can’t stop noticing it. You may know you are loved by friends and family but you also know there is something more. Everything may be going your way, or nothing seems to go your way, but there is that sense that in whatever situation, you find you’re just not truly satisfied. The sense that there is meant to be something so much greater and bigger than what is presently evident. That how things are now, is not how it’s meant to be. Do you ever feel like that?

    In this last week, I have been feeling that more than ever. Hungry. Like I’m missing something – someone, which no earthy being could satisfy. Currently, I have started a new placement which means early mornings, long commutes, lots of change and lots of fatigue. And honestly, sadly it has meant less time spent with God. Placement takes priority right?

    Recently, I have come to conclude that one of the greatest problems and difficulties we all face as Christians is forgetfulness. No really, we do. We forget so quickly the reality of God and all that He is. The reality of who we now are in Christ and the reality of how much we truly, truly need Him throughout our days. Sure, we all know it, especially if we’ve grown up going to Sunday school, but how often do we honestly live in the truth of what we know is in the Bible, or the ‘truths’ that are in world. How often do we honestly live in the truth that we are born of God? (John 1:12-13). That we are no longer born of blood, nor flesh, nor of man, but of God? That because of our faith in Jesus Christ we can even have confidence to stand before God in the Most Holy Place (Hebrews 10:19). It is an absolutely beautiful, mind blowing privilege and gift.  Can you imagine how your life would look and how the churches life would look if we all lived that out with absolute certainty and confidence? Lived that out in our work places, universities, schools, homes?

    It is a fight and it is a battle. In remembering that now, our identity is in Christ; that we have been adopted into a great huge family known as the church. You know, the only way to remember all this, is simply and honestly spending time with God. Allowing Him to tell you the truths that your soul so longs to hear. Allowing you to go to those heavenly places in your spirit with Him. In the bible, we know that when Jesus walked the earth, He would go off alone and simply pray and spend time with God His Father (Mark 1:35-37, Luke 5:15-16, 22:39-45). And so do we, even more so than Jesus! Just like we need breakfast or coffee in the morning, we need that time alone with God. We need to ‘look to The Lord and His strength; seek his face always’ (1 Chronicles 16:11). I assure you, there is no time better spent and no better privilege, than time spent with Christ.

    Friends, in those quiet places, will be the times when God speaks to you most. God will show you things in His word and things on His heart. He will show you revelations of the truth. Revelations of you are and who the church is. He will give you the strength you need for the day. For the new challenges that you face. For the reassurances that you need. Understanding and peace comes when you are in His presence. He is the food and water that you so need for the day. Could Jesus have made it any clearer than in the book of John when He often would describe himself as the bread of life. “I am the bread of life. Whoever comes to me will never go hungry, and whoever believes in me will never be thirsty” (John 6:35).  That longing and hunger that I described earlier, is simply your longing for Jesus and His longing for you. It is Him drawing you closer. Drawing you in. Showing you that He is all you need. All you could really ever desire. Let Him draw you in. Spend that time with Him. You cannot but fall in love with Him more. I urge you, don’t go though your day without having started it in His presence. You only need to just stop and spend time with Him. Seek Him with all your heart.

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