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  • 10 Reasons Why Hillingdon is a Great Place to Study

    I came to Brunel in 2003, looking forward to studying Music Tech but also excited about being part of Crown Church that had planted in 2002. I now have a job, a shed, a wife, two children, a water butt, a house and some amazing memories* in this great part of West London.

    *not in order of significance

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    Photo by Patrick Metzdorf

    In September, you may be one of thousands of new students rolling into Hillingdon to study at Brunel, Bucks or LST. It might have been the destination you’ve been aiming at for years, or maybe a snap decision that you felt was out of hands.

    Whatever your story, here are ten reasons why Hillingdon is a great place to study and put down roots.

    1) The Magna Carta

    Whether you’re at Brunel, Bucks or LST you’re at an educational institution that is one of the closest to where the Magna Carta was signed (in Runnymede, near Windsor). If that doesn’t excite the historian in you, what about the fact that abolitionist William Wilberforce lived in Uxbridge for a few years?

    2) Crossrail

    Hillingdon will have two Crossrail stations at Hayes and West Drayton. When this is finished in a few years, you’ll be able to get into central London in 16 minutes. If that’s a bit fast and modern for you, did you know that the Grand Union Canal runs through Hillingdon? It’s by far the longest canal in the UK and will get you into central London in around 6 hours (and all the way to Birmingham if you head in the other direction).

    Photo by Jonanthan Hollander https://www.flickr.com/photos/jons-photos/4369101974
    Photo by Jonathan Hollander

    3) Sushi

    Very close to Brunel you’ll find one of the best Sushi bars in London. In the unlikely surroundings of the Load of Hay pub, you can sample some of Japan’s finest and wash it all down with a pint of London ale.  Gon Sushi

    4) Heathrow

    On average 191,200 people visit our corner of West London every day. What was once just a small row of houses on a heath is now the world’s fifth busiest airport. As well as giving some great travel and employment opportunities, it also gives you an easy way to help people visualise you live/study “it’s about 15 minutes north of Heathrow”. No messing around, no confusion, everyone knows where Heathrow is.

    5) Ray Puddifoot

    The fine fiscal mind that leads Hillingdon Council, and also surely the inspiration behind the character Ron Swanson on the TV show Parks and Recreation. Decide for yourself…

    Ron or Ray?

    6) Boris Johnson

    While we’re talking recognisable politicians it’s worth noting that a big chunk of Hillingdon has Boris Johnson as its representative in the houses of parliament. If you’re living in Uxbridge and South Ruislip and need to talk to an MP, Boris is who you’ll be sitting in a room with.

    7) Kiri Kankhwende

    Why focus on the celebs when the beauty of moving to a new place is that the ordinary people you meet are anything but ordinary. Kiri is someone I’ve got to know at Crown Church, she writes for Media Diversified and the Guardian and has helped me understand the world better. Check out her blogs here

    8) Balcony Shirts

    In a few years time, more than 2000 new homes will have been built on old RAF bases in the borough. This huge influx of people and investment has meant that Uxbridge Town Centre seems to have better shops and restaurants each week. Five Guys, Wagamama, Harris & Hoole and Chiquitos are all waiting to serve you, and we are home to one of the coolest shops in West London, Balcony Shirts 

    9) Languages

    Each of the 107 languages defined by the 2011 Census are spoken in Hillingdon; no where else in the country can say that (nor in so many ways). 

    10) The Anita Mk VII

    The world’s first electronic desktop calculator was invented and manufactured in Uxbridge. The Anita Mk VII was the only such machine available in Europe for more than two years. Amazing stuff, I think any finance officer or accountant in Uxbridge should automatically be given the nickname Anita.

    Anita Mk II

    There’s nothing like a good church help you feel at home in a new area. There are lots of great churches in Hillingdon, for more info on coming to one of our Sunday meetings at Crown click here.

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