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  • Summer Plans

    We're excited about the two summer 2019 festivals planned for both our youth and the whole church family...
    Newday - Christian Youth event, 29th July - 4th August
    Ashburnham - Whole Church family event, 23rd - 26th August

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    It is aimed at 12-19 year olds, which means those currently in school year 7 upwards. Each year at Crown we take around 60-80 people to Newday, including youth, youth leaders and other servers. It’s a fantastic opportunity for our young people to learn more about the Christian faith and learn about developing a personal relationship with God and to come back and have a positive impact on those around them. It a great summer camp for all that go!
    For more information head to www.crown.church/NEWDAY

    These four days away are for the whole church family with the options for you to camp or stay in local accommodation. It will be a great time of worship, life-impacting bible teaching, exciting youth and children’s meetings, fun afternoon tournaments, late night entertainment and lots more!
    To find out more, visit www.crown.church/ASHBURNHAM

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