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    Making it as easy as possible for anyone to volunteer and serve at a Sunday meeting.

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    Our Sunday meetings are such an important part of our worship together as Christians. At Crown there is a real hive of activity as many people serve to make the meetings the great occasions that they are. Serve 13 makes it as easy as possible for anyone to join a Sunday team, and it also puts in place a system that can respond to a growing church and help many to become involved in church life.

    ‘Serve 13’- Frequently Asked Questions

    How do I serve in a team?
    If you don’t already serve in a team on a Sunday the first step is to choose the team you would like to serve in…

    Kids work (0-11yrs), Youth: Living Roots & Deeper Roots (11-14yrs), Welcome team, Tea & Coffee team, Set up team (Operations), PA team, Projection team, Offering team, Ministry team, Worship Band.

    Contact the church office, or on a Sunday you can find a ‘Tell Me More’ form on the chairs that you can complete and hand in. If you do this then a team leader will contact you to chat things through.

    How do I know when it’s my turn to serve?
    Each month is split into four weeks: Week 1, Week 2, Week 3 & Week 4. You will serve in your area of ministry on either the 1st, 2nd, 3rd or 4th Sunday of each month. For example; if I serve as ‘Tea & Coffee Week 2’ then I serve the 2nd Sunday of every month.

    But that means I only serve 12 Sundays in the year… why is it called Serve 13?
    Glad you asked! There are four months in the year that have five Sundays in them. Each team 1-4 will take a turn to serve twice in a five Sunday month… topping you up to 13 weeks serving per year.

    Will I still have a rota?
    Serve 13 means we don’t have to produce monthly or termly rotas. From MyChurchSuite you can see all your serving teams, upcoming serving dates, and an easy way to arrange swaps for any serving dates where you will be away. Serve 13 takes the pressure off team leaders trying to make a term’s rota fit around the existing servers in their team… instead leaders can focus on topping up their four teams with new servers.

    What if I am on holiday or can’t make a week I am down to serve on?
    Through MyChurchSuite you can access all the contact details for all those serving in your area of ministry. Simply drop a text, email or call to someone from another team and ask them to swap for that month. We would ask each person to take responsibility for this rather than ask the team leader to find you a replacement.

    If you’re not yet on ChurchSuite please email office@crown-church.org.uk to request a login.

    How does this work for families?
    Serve 13 works well for couples who either want to serve on the same Sunday or different Sundays. A couple without children may prefer to serve on the same Sunday in which case they could arrange with their ministry leaders to both serve on the same week each month. A couple with children may find it easier for the husband to serve on a different week to their wife so they can take it in turns to look after their children.

    What happens if I serve on more than one team?
    We view giving your time in the same light as giving your money. Knowing the grace of a generous God leads to a generous lifestyle among Christians. Why cap your giving of time to 13 weeks? Many already serve on more than one team and will want to serve on multiple teams. Serve 13 makes it simple to serve on more than one team; for example, you may serve on one team for Week 1 and on another team for Week 3.

    How old do I have to be to serve?
    We would encourage all those 14 years and older to get involved in a team but some younger than this may want to still be involved in some way.

    What happens to students who disappear in the summer?
    We would encourage students to get involved in any of the teams. Students will need to contact their team leaders to give as much advance warning before going off for the summer so a replacement can be found. In the past we have found students bring a lot of energy to teams so we would encourage all to get involved in a team or two.

    What if I work shifts and can’t commit to the same weeks each month?
    We would encourage you to be involved in some of the larger teams that don’t rely entirely on your attendance. That way if you can’t make a Sunday the team can continue in your absence. It may be that you can swap a Sunday with someone from another team to make it work.

    Do I have to serve?
    No! Serving is something that you choose to do to; gladly volunteering is a powerful thing. We often refer to the church as a family and we would encourage each family member to play their part in making family life work. It’s true that it’s better to give than receive and we believe serving benefits your own Christian growth as much as it serves the running of a Sunday meeting.

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