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  • Sealed

    Here's day two of our week of prayer devotionals exploring the first three chapters of Ephesians. Don't forget that we're gathering together to pray on Tuesday and Wednesday from 8-9.30pm at The Living Room. 

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    Successor Submarine by Defence Images used under CC BY-SA 2.0

    In the opening section of the letter, Paul teaches that it was the Father who commenced our salvation and it was Jesus’ life, death and resurrection that completed it. Now we are introduced to the Holy Spirit to answer a big question that every Christian asks, “Can I do anything to lose my salvation?”

    The answer here, and elsewhere in the Bible, is clear; those who realise that they did nothing to gain peace with God, can do nothing to lose it.

    The Holy Spirit is introduced as the ‘seal’ who will protect and preserve us until the end. Just as a submarine needs to be properly sealed to keep water out, and an aeroplane carefully engineered to not let air in, so the Holy Spirit seals us; protecting those who truly understand the gospel. He gave us the faith to first believe and He will continue to give us the faith to realise our dependence of God and repent of trying to do things on our own.

    He is also introduced as our ‘guarantee’ or ‘down-payment’. He gives us tangible glimpses now of the physical realities of where we’ll be for eternity. These glimpses of healing, hope, comfort, joy, mercy and love are a foretaste of what we’ll enjoy forever. 

    Prayer Prompts

    1) Ask the Father for more of the Holy Spirit. That you might know the certainty of being saved from the penalty for sin and the comfort of being helped to break free from the power of sin.

    2) Ask for more evidence of the Holy Spirit’s activity when we gather on Sundays at Bishopshalt School and The Living Room.

    3) Pray for ‘All The Nations Cafe’ that is open every Monday evening at the Living Room, that many international students from Brunel will hear about it and come along.

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