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    Stefan is the head of our safeguarding team. He helps everyone stay safe at Crown. Here is a little bit about how our wonderful team make this possible.

    Safeguarding blog

    Hi. I’m Stefan and I lead and coordinate safeguarding in Crown Church.
    Crown Church growing vibrant church which as part of its purpose wants to make Jesus known and show his love.
    In the past couple of years, there’s been many exciting developments in Crown Church like the Food Bank, Fortnightly Roots gathering and the Sunbeams mother and toddler group.  These events have drawn in more children, adults and young people beyond the weekly Sunday morning services which provide children’s activities.

    Safeguarding seeks to ensure that Crown Church retains a welcoming, safe, caring and supportive environment for all who come along to Crown church meetings and events. Therefore the safety and protection of children, young people and adults is a priority in Crown Church.

    As the lead on safeguarding for Crown Church I ensure that matters relating to adults, children and young people at risk of harm are appropriately addressed. I’m pleased to say that leading on safeguarding in Crown is not just down to me. There’s a fantastic team of safeguarding leaders, who hold key roles around safeguarding in Crown Church. These are Abbie Walker, who leads of children’s safeguarding; Brian Hughes, who leads on adults safeguarding; Pauline Housen who leads on youth safeguarding (ages 11- 18) and James Durrant, who leads on student safeguarding.
    Examples of the activities that the safeguarding team do, to safeguard children, young people and adults are: 
    Ensure all who want to volunteer to assist with our children’s or youth ministries and Foodbank obtain a valid DBS
    Arrange and deliver training for staff and volunteers around safeguarding,
    Review safeguarding practices and policies
    Respond to any concerns or questions about potential harm or abuse
    Form links and liaise with local safeguarding service where needed.

    I believe that having a dedicated safeguarding team, safeguarding policies and processes in place at Crown Church are all good, but not enough. So, the message I’d like to leave with you is that safeguarding at Crown Church is everyone’s responsibility, meaning we all have a part to play. A good starting point for how you can help is to read the Crown Church safeguarding policy, attend any training if you serve with children, adults or young people and finally, do ask questions about safeguarding.

    By Stefan Brown

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