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  • Sadza

    Sadza is the Zimbabwean staple food. It is also a staple food in southern and east Africa.
    Recipe by Thembie Dube-Nyoni.

    Sadza - primary image


    7 scoops mealie-meal
    1 cup cold water
    750 ml boiling water


    Boil 3 cups of water.

    In a medium pot, make a paste using some of the meal with a cup of cold water. Add the hot water. Do it slowly, to avoid lumps.

    Pace on medium high heat and stir with a wooden spoon until mixture thickens, like porridge. (Watch carefully to avoid ‘Sadza burns’ when it starts simmering)

    Cover the pot and let it simmer for some time - about 15 minutes.

    Lower the heat a little to prevent burning at the bottom. It should not boil but simmer. If the water/meal mixture is just right, the Sadza will simmer without spilling over. However if it is too thin it might spill over, especially when the pot lid is on. ( Keep an eye on it.)

    Remove the lid and gradually add the remaining corn meal, mixing in any lumps that may form. All the meal should mix into the porridge and it thickens as you add more corn meal. The water and meal are well-blended in good Sadza which has a bit of shine and elasticity

    Continue to add and stir until the Sadza thickens to required consistency - some people prefer it thin, others prefer it thicker. When you do not know the people’s taste, leave it a medium thickness. At this point the Sadza requires strong stirring, especially if making large quantities

    Reduce the heat to very low. Cover and leave for a few minutes to allow further cooking.

    Stir the Sadza once again before plating, with a wet curved wooden spoon. Sadza can be served with vegetables, meat, poultry, fish or soured milk.


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