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    For the third year in a row we've been supporting the charity Operation Christmas Child (OCC) by donating and helping to sort shoe-boxes full of gifts for children around the world.

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    This year over 100 boxes were donated by Crown Church and we had several people who generously volunteered to help, check, pack and prepare boxes for delivery as part of a wider team based out of St Jerome’s Church in Hayes.

    Overall, 4,602 boxes were collected by the Samaritan’s Purse campaign, 476 more than last year.

    That is 4,602 children who will be receiving some extra joy this Christmas.

    Here’s a story of a young lady who received a box in Nepal eighteen years ago.

    Sujana Lama is from Kathmandu in Nepal, she is thirty years old. When she was twelve she was given a shoebox from Samaritan’s Purse. The box included a game and a red top; the top she still, wears in the winter. The picture below shows her holding the jumper and game; she played with the toy but has kept it in the packaging.

    Sujana now works for Samaritan’s Purse as a team leader on the Hygiene Programme promoting personal and community hygiene; particularly important work following the Nepal earthquakes.

    Sujana told OCC, ‘The shoeboxes were stuck at the airport because of taxes. At the time we kept hearing we were going to get something but did not know when or what it was. After the Saturday fellowship (equivalent to Sunday in the UK) we prayed to give thanks for the shoeboxes and the people providing them. We were divided into lines according to our age and were given a shoebox! I was so eager and excited to get that box and see what was inside. We rarely get gifts from anyone; it was the first big Christmas gift I received. I ran to my mother before opening it, I still remember the paper it was so flowery! I felt so happy, God can be so good. It had come so far and someone had made that box for me!’

    Image courtesty of Samaritan's Purse

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