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  • Operation Christmas Child 2019

    I hope you are stirred to find out how you can be involved with Operation Christmas Child and to share the love of Jesus.

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    Operation Christmas Child has given 157 million shoebox gifts since 1993! Wow!  Can you picture the faces of that many delighted children? Such a small shoebox can have a big impact. Sending a shoebox is a simple way to show Jesus’ love.

    I hope you are stirred to find out how you can be involved with Operation Christmas Child and to share the love of Jesus. The information below will equip you to know how to support this, whether you wish to be involved as an individual, a family or with your life group.

    Maybe you are asking….
    Can we help by filling a shoe box with gifts for a child?  - Yes please!
    Do I have to use a particular shoebox? No, any shoebox is great.
    Will I be able to collect any empty shoeboxes from somewhere? Yes, James Harland has kindly ordered 100 boxes that you can collect from Crown on Sunday.
    Where do I take my shoebox gift when it is ready? Crown will be collecting these shoebox gifts until Sunday 18th November. You can bring it with you to church on Sundays or drop it off at the office in the Living Room during the week.
    What can I put in my box? Good question, best place to find great gift suggestions is here.
    Anything else I should know? Just in case you didn’t know already, the box is checked after you send it off, so remember to wrap the lid separately to the main box so it can be easily opened. 
    Can I help in any other way? Yes! You could help a local team at St Jeromes check and pack boxes. Find out more below…

    Maybe you are asking as a life group…
    How can my life group get involved in this? You can all contribute by donating gifts to send off a box or two together as a group.
    How else can we help? I am glad you asked… There is a team of people meeting to check boxes locally at St Jeromes. Why not spend time together helping at the warehouse, checking and packing the shoe boxes. Find out more below…

    Checking boxes & Packing cartons at St Jeromes, Judge Heath Lane, UB8 3JU
    Monday 5th November 2018 - Sunday 18th November 2018
    Mon-Fri: 10am to 3pm
    Saturday: 10.00am to 12.00pm
    Evenings in Nov: 7 to 9pm, Thursday 1st, 8th and 15th
    Please do contact jharland2120@gmail.com to let John know that you will be going along to help.

    Hope you find this information helpful and that you are inspired to be involved! If you would like further information about Samaritan Purse Operation Christmas Child then please check out their online info here.

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