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  • New Series: Upside Down

    A month from now, could you be helping to lead a church in the middle of intense persecution?

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    Paul writes his first letter to the church in Thessalonica full of love and relief. Acts chapter 17 carries the account of him and his team sharing the gospel about Jesus in the city. They spent one month there before being forced to leave because of imminent danger. Concerned that the church might be too young to survive; he sends Timothy to find out how they are getting on. When Timothy returns, the report is staggering. The church is thriving and full of joy despite vivid and violent oppression. As we explore the letter Paul wrote in response to this report, we get a glimpse of the amazing things that the Holy Spirit can achieve in and through people. He doesn’t need long to turn lives around and cities upside down.

    We’re not going in to this searching for a single theme in the letter. Over the next eight weeks we’re going to let the Word of God speak to us and raise our expectations for the season ahead. 

    Open the book. Read. Enjoy. Get ready for God to do His thing.

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