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  • Sunbeams: babies and toddlers group

    We have recently launched an exciting new baby and toddler group designed for parents and carers who want to enjoy quality time with their child. To answer all those big questions, we’ve interviewed Donna Wesley to find out all those things you need to know...read on to find out more!

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    Donna, I hear you’re leading a new baby and toddler group on Friday mornings at The Living Room. What’s the new group called?
    Yes Abbie, that’s right. The new group is called Sunbeams, after our Sunday morning group.

    Great name. So, who can come to Sunbeams?
    Sunbeams is open to anybody looking after babies and toddlers who want to come along, meet new people and spend some time having fun with the baby or toddler/s in their care.

    It sounds like a great time for parents and carers to have fun with their kids! When is Sunbeams running?
    Friday’s during term time, at 9.30am!

    Will there be a cost for Sunbeams? If so, what does that include?
    We ask for a £1.50 donation which can be paid on the door. This includes tea and coffee (and biscuits!) for adults as well as snack pots for the children and any craft or special activity happening that morning. It also helps us keep our toys nice so our little ones get the best experience with us!

    Do I need to pre-register for Sunbeams or can I turn up on the morning?
    No need to register, you can just turn up on the day with your donation. We have limited spaces each Friday morning so arrive promptly to join in on the fun!

    And will Sunbeams run every Friday?
    Sunbeams will run every Friday, but only during term time

    It sounds like it’s going to be a brilliant group! What are you most looking forward to about Sunbeams?
    I’m really looking forward to Sunbeams being a fun place where babies and toddlers can learn to socialise and interact with each other. I also think it’s going to be a great place for parents and carers to not only have some fun interaction with their children but to spend time with others who may be at a similar stage in their parenting journey

    And finally, where can people go if they want to find out more about Sunbeams?
    You can check out our Facebook page at facebook.com/SunbeamsCrownChurch for all the latest updates on the group, or you can email us at sunbeams@crown-church.org.uk with any questions you have.

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