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  • Introducing The Operations Team

    Already being verbally shortened to the slick, ‘Ops Team’, the 'Operations Team' is the new name for our Sunday Morning Team (SMT).

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    A few weeks ago I filled a gap and for one morning I was an honorary member of the Operations Team. Afterwards I was surprised that they have any gaps; there should be a waiting list for this team. A group of four of us went from room to room, moving tables and chairs, preparing the way for the kids-group volunteers to set out their array of materials for entertainment and learning. It was hard work but it a bit like my school rugby-playing days, moving as a pack and taking ground together. Unlike playing rugby, you also get the chance to have a good chat as you work and I felt a lot closer to those guys at the end of the morning than I had done at the start.

    A good friend of mine, who will remain Sam, once told me that serving is God’s medicine for us. I’ve found that to be true, and have benefited massively from committing to volunteering alongside others in lots of different ways in the church.

    A Good Time To Join

    There is a need for new team members at the moment and there’s no better time than the summer to try out a different role; whilst things are bit more relaxed and the sun is putting a bigger smile everyone’s face. It’s not just for the heavy-lifters either, there are three sub-divisions within the Operations Team:

    1.  Hall Team - responsible for setting out the chairs, putting out literature & publicity etc.
    2.  Signage Team - responsible for ensuring all the posters, signs and banners go up in the correct locations around the school and car park
    3.  Classroom Team – responsible for clearing the desks in the classrooms and transporting the children’s equipment and materials to the relevant classrooms, ready for the children’s activities.

    If you want to find out more and maybe join in to try it on for size, then please email ben.leaman@crown-church.org.uk or go the ‘Serve 13’ table at the back of the auditorium on a Sunday.

    The Operations Team are first in and the last out. They’re not just behind the scenes; they make the scenes (not in a ‘stop making a scene’, naughty toddler sense, but in the sense of a skilled craftsmen building theatre props - just to clear that up).

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