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  • Impact from an impacter’s perspective

    Impact is a sacrificial year given over to learning more about God, getting a passion for the nations and having your life turned upside down. Here is a small snippet of my personal experience on Impact.

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    From September to now I have grown so much in my faith and walk with God. I got baptised in the June and started impact 2 months later. As a baby Christian I stepped into a year of being fully submersed in all things church. God has grown, pruned and humbled me through these months. There has been both laughter and tears, but all of it has shaped me to become more aligned with my identity in Christ. The impact has been immense.

    I wouldn’t be being genuine if I told you it had all been plain sailing. I have been close to quitting at some point, have had a prolonged period of doubt and disappointment. But within this God has taught me about his boundless grace, gentleness and love. I came into this year thinking sanctification was a simple process. I had exceedingly high expectations of myself. I thought I would sin no more and I had a misconception of grace. Not having the full understanding of the gospel while working for church I found I fell into dead works and off the back of that I felt like a fake and began to doubt if I was a ‘’real’’ Christian. Through the impact theology training and support from my impact leader Jez, I came to have a deeper understanding of the gospel. Also just seeing the grace of God in my life through these past months made me reconsider the view I had.

    I think there are two sides of delving deep into the word of God. There is this extensive growth and character building. Also, it can flood your mind with questions if you have a tendency to think deeply. No matter how big my questions were God remained faithful and answered them either through preaches or impact training. Intense study of the bible and being fully immersed in church serving inevitably comes with its lows, doubts and arrows from the enemy. Through the arrows the support from people in the church family have kept me going. They have held up my arms up when I didn’t have the strength to. Impact has taught me what family is, what love is and how good God is.

    I am so thankful for the opportunity to have this year to root me in my first year of living for God. I would really encourage anyone thinking about doing impact as a gap year before university or entering into the working world to take the opportunity. It is great preparation, it teaches you diligence, endurance and how to manage time. I feel equipped to enter into university life with the knowledge and strength I’ve gained on my journey on impact. After this impact year I can face tests, temptations and opposition being planted firmly by the streams of water.

    If you are interested in taking part in an IMPACT year, please speak with myself or James, or contact the Church office:office@crown-church.org.uk.

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