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  • Harvest Series - part 2

    Hello and welcome back to this blog series about Harvest Outreach and the Great Commission. Last time, we looked at how all authority in heaven and earth belongs to Jesus; and that He then commands us to “go” and exercise the authority that he has won for us.

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    In part II, we’re going to look at the next chunk of the Great Commission:

    “…make disciples of all nations”

    If one of your friends asked you the ‘magic’ question: “So what is it that you believe?”, would you be able to succinctly give them an answer? There is no condemnation if you don’t have the words, after all, in the Old Testament Jonah preached an awful sermon and a whole city got saved…God can use our mumblings! However, I think we would all agree that to “make disciples of all nations”, it’s good for us to become effective in sharing the gospel.

    At an outreach we did in Langley last summer, one of our team went up to a young man and simply said “can I tell you a story?”. The young man agreed and he began telling him the story of the 3 Circles (aka the gospel). After sharing the story, the young man put his faith in Jesus! Amazing! At the end of this blog, I’ve posted a link that shows the 3 Circles evangelism tool in action! Check it out and why not ask your friends this Christmas if you can tell them a story of what you believe…their eternity might just be changed as a result!

    But it doesn’t stop there, Jesus said “go and make disciples” who will make disciples that will make disciples that will make…more disciples! Let me ask you something, do you live with an expectancy that others will come to know Jesus? If not, ask yourself why that is. Anyway, let’s assume a friend, work colleague or family member comes to know Jesus. What do we do next? We could do a whole blog series on this topic, but let’s quickly cover the why, who and how of making disciples:

    Why? Jesus wants us to. It’s God great mission plan for this earth that we might “go and make disciples”. Remember in the last blog how Jesus calls His followers not just to “follow” Him, but to “fish” for others also.
    Who? Help them identify who in their network of friends and family needs to hear the good news?
    How? Get them to repeat back to you the 3 Circles or another simple way of sharing the gospel to others, that way you can check what they’re saying and give feedback if appropriate. Perhaps also encourage them to join a local church, go along to an upcoming Alpha course or offer to meet up with them one-to-one to explore more about what the Christian faith is all about.

    That’s all folks, see you next time!

    3 Circles Evangelism Tool: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=lcj5G_4dwrI

    Written by Joel Shopland

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