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    Church hunting can seem like a daunting task. So to help, recent Brunel graduate Josh offers 5 useful tips on how to find the right church for you.

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    After studying history for three years, I’ve finally been kicked out of Brunel and forced to grow up, get married and find a proper job. I’m part of Crown’s student team, and wanted to write this blog about finding a church, because when I came to Uxbridge it was one of the decisions I agonised over the most. So, here are my 5 pointers for finding a Church:

    1. Don’t Sweat It: Hillingdon is blessed with many wonderful churches of differing styles and flavours, and they’ll all be happy to see you. This isn’t a choice between one good option and a doomed three (or four) years of misery! I’m sure you’ll be able to find a great place where you feel at home.

    2. Try Them Out: Take advantage of the opportunity to try out a range of churches, you may be surprised where you end up. You have the chance to see how worship is done in different ways, and going to a church for a few weeks doesn’t mean that you’re locked in forever. Our priority at Crown is for you to find a church that you are happy in and helps you grow over your time at university – we won’t be offended if that isn’t us! The Brunel Christian Union can give you information on loads of churches, and even take you along if you’re feeling a bit nervous.

    3. Throw Yourself In: At some point it is probably best to pick one church and really get involved in it. Don’t spend so long looking around that you forget to actually settle somewhere. The best way to feel at home in a church is to get involved as much as possible. I know that as freshers’ your social lives will be pretty full, and I’m not suggesting that you spend every waking moment in church activities, but come along to events and maybe even start serving in a team.

    4. Dig a Little Deeper: Get involved in church life outside of just student activities, join a home group or just chat to people outside the uni crowd. It can sometimes be easy to get into the student bubble, but getting to know the wider church is a great way to settle in, find people to support you and you’ll probably get invited for a few free lunches in the process.

    5. Have some Fun: I know this point is a bit cliché, but this is a really exciting time of your life. The friendships you make, and the things you do at university will remain with you. Settling into a church is part of that, don’t let it become a chore rather than a joy. Make some good memories.

    Hopefully these tips are helpful, and you have a great time coming to Hillingdon and settling into both your course and the area. Here at Crown we provide a student lunch every Sunday after our meeting, and Submerge (our students and 20s group) has got loads of socials and events coming up which we’d love to see you at! (That’s my contractual plugging out of the way). I’m sure that this will be three years in which you grow in your faith, make great new friendships, and have a whale of a time.

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