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  • Crown and COVID-19

    "Your love for one another will prove to the world that you are my disciples.” (John 13:35)
    The leaders at Crown are aware COVID-19 is in the news and on our minds a lot recently but in the midst of the worries this of world we lift our eyes to our hope and saviour Jesus. The local church is the hope of the nations as we show God’s love for each other. Practically that means checking in on others and offering support and prayer wherever we can. Pray for those affected, pray for those nations suffering and pray those you know.

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    As we consider all the information presented through so many different media channels, we need to keep perspective, stay in line with government advice and respond accordingly.  The majority of people contracting COVID-19 have only experienced flu like symptoms.  Children are not at a greater risk than adults.  The risk is highest among the elderly and those with underlying health conditions.  We would encourage you to: -

    1) Follow NHS guidelines on health and anyone who develops flu like symptoms should take this test or call 111 and follow the advice which may be to self-isolate.

    2) Remember good hygiene advice:
    - Catch it, kill it, bin it for coughs and sneezes
    - A regular, thorough 20 second hand wash
    - Don’t touch your face, including eye and mouth, if your hands are not recently washed

    3) Follow government guidelines on travel. Anyone who has traveled to a Category 1 hot spot should be self-isolating and those travelling to a category 2 hotspot should self-isolate if experiencing symptoms.

    4) The government action plan has a lot more detail and being educated is important.

    NHS and government guidance may change, so check back on these sites.

    f you need to self-isolate contact your life group leader and if you are not in a life group contact James Harland (jaharland@hotmail.com / 07876874233).  We can check in with you via phone, pray with you and if needed do some practical things like drop off shopping.

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