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  • Change My Mind Activity Book

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    We're so excited for our new series, Change My Mind, Choosing Humility in a Global City. We're even more excited for our Crown Kids Activity Book that goes with the series! Make sure you get a copy from the Kids corridor on Sunday mornings to complete with your family, following week by week content looking at 8 stories from the Bible, helping us to grow as an intercultural church.

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    Following the success of the INVITED series last Autumn, we were keen to have another series in 2019 to help us grow as an intercultural church. We also wanted to have a focus on mission, so that Crown Church can be ‘a river not a reservoir’. That phrase, and this whole series, is drawn from Andy McCullough’s book ‘Global Humility’, a book written to train people for cross-cultural mission. The McCulloughs, along with two other families from Crown, left Hillingdon to plant a church in Istanbul in 2009. As we absorb the biblical teaching of Andy’s book, we hope that this series will inspire a new generation of missionaries to reach our global city and the ends of the earth!

    Our Kids will be joining in with us too, with their own Activity Book! 8 weeks of content to match the 8 sermons, there are puzzles, bible stories, weekly challenges, prayer, and family discussion questions. Try to make time over the course of this series to get together as a family and read through each week, discuss the sermon and the stories, and be encouraged to explore conversation about mission, cultural diversity and a global gospel, whether it’s over Sunday lunch or a midweek family bible study, it’s time together not to be missed.

    Pick up your copy from Bishopshalt on Sunday morning, or download a copy using the download button at the top of this page.

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