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  • Brunel Missions Week

    Joel Knight from the Brunel Christian Union shares a little about their upcoming Missions Week taking place on campus.

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    Running an events week is an amazing opportunity for us here at Brunel Christian Union, and it is a privilege to be able to do it every year. The idea behind it is to witness to everyone on campus, share the gospel and help people see the truth behind faith, Christianity and God.

    This year the week is running from the 7th-11th March and the theme is What’s the Point?

    The idea behind the theme is to try and tackle big questions that prevent people believing in God, ranging from questions like ‘Why is there suffering’ to ‘What’s the Point of Jesus?’, and aiming to answer questions like who He is, what He has done and what it means for us.

    We are really excited to see how God will work during this week and how He will use us to touch people’s lives. We have some very exciting events planned, including:

    //Cake night (its safe to say that students are always attracted to free food) where we will be addressing ‘What’s the point of Christianity?’

    //Q & A Panel, where we will be giving people a chance to ask their burning questions, and tackle issues like ‘What’s the Point of Suffering?’

    If you’re a student at Brunel then please get involved - there are plenty of things to do!

    And even if you’re not a student, there are plenty of ways you can help, through prayer if by nothing else!

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