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  • Being ‘The Christian One’

    Standing out isn't easy, and taking a stand with God can be even harder. As one of a number of blogs this year written to encourage new and returning students, Naomi Douglas, a Biomedical Sciences student at Brunel, shares some of her experiences from living in university halls as a Christian.

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    When I started as a Fresher, I loved my flat and we had a lot of fun, but it was a big surprise to them when I declined their plans on a Tuesday night to go instead to the first Christian Union meeting of the year. Suddenly, I went from ‘Naomi’ to ‘Christian Girl’ and ‘The Jesus One’! I went along with it out of jest, but, although I’ve never been ashamed of being a Christian, these people seemed to think it changed who I was in a negative way.

    From then on, when I drank with them they would go “Are you allowed to drink?!” “What are you doing? You’re not a proper Christian!” One of my flatmates was scared, at first, to tell me she was bisexual in fear of my response to her, and my Secret Santa present that year was ‘The God Delusion’ by Richard Dawkins. Some things were funny, and others were hurtful, but it actually became a great way to convey to them what Christianity really is about.

    At parties, someone will always come up to me, even now, and ask me questions about why I don’t want to take drugs, or what happens at Church, or my thoughts on homosexuality. It has given me many opportunities to explain my choices, they have been able to see how I can actually be a nice, fun person who also loves God but doesn’t judge or shun others who don’t live like me, which is what they seem to have expected.

    It can be tough being thrown into an environment where people might not understand your beliefs and choices, but my advice to anyone experiencing something similar is to let the love of God shine out from you through the way you live. People will notice! And they’ll come to you with their questions. Even the tough questions, which you might not be able to fully answer, can open the door to inviting other Christians to join the conversation and add their points of view.

    Don’t be disheartened if they turn down offers of coming to Church or the CU cake night, because God has known about them before you did, and every conversation you have with them will make a difference. You never know, one day, they might ask you to take them to Church!

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