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  • Ash Mast

    Ash Mast is an Iranian Yoghurt based and is a warm and cozy Soup perfect for chilly winter days or even hot summer days. This healthy soup is filled with rice, chickpeas, a mix of fresh herbs, yogurt and even small meatballs, topped with sauteed onion/garlic and mint. The addition of yogurt during cooking gives a pleasant sour taste to the soup and a creamy rich texture. Yogurt has a special place in Iranian cooking, there's usually a bowl of our popular yogurt side-dish or just plain yogurt served along with lunch and dinner.
    Recipe by Evelyne Oshian

    Ash Mast - primary image


    1/2 cup of barley
    1 pack of finely chopped coriander    
    1 pack of finely chopped parsley  
    5 medium cloves of garlic finely chopped    
    1 pack of green onions finely chopped  
    1 full fat (1 kilogram pack) of Greek yoghurt    
    1 1/2 tsp fine grain salt, pepper and turmeric (you can add chillies as well, depends on your taste)   
    1 cup of either milk or single cream after cooking, this is optional and does not have to be added


    Cook barley with the chopped coriander, parsley, garlic and green onions with 1 cup of water and add your spices to it (salt, pepper and turmeric also the optional chillies).
    This should be on the hob on medium heat until the barley has been cooked – you will therefore need to try it until you feel it has been cooked.

    When the barley has been cooked, turn the hob off and add the Greek yoghurt. At the same time, you must keep stirring the yoghurt with the barley until it has been mixed well.

    Turn the hob on low heat and add the cream or milk. This is optional. If you do add milk or cream stir it well and let it cook for 5 minutes.

    You can serve it either on its own, or with any type of bread.


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