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  • Advice For New Comers

    Rens was great at coming and getting stuck in to church life straight away. We know a new church and environment can be daunting and sometimes feel awkward if you don't know how to get involved. Rens kindly has shared with us some top tips of getting involved in Crown life!

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    For newcomers and regulars alike, joining a new church can be daunting. You might not know what to expect from a church service. You might not know anyone there. You might be worried whether you’ll fit in. And who do you first introduce yourself to? There’s certainly plenty of new faces. Fortunately, at Crown the welcome teams will always be the first to say ‘hello’ with a beaming smile and strive to make sure you feel at home.
    When I first joined, I really liked the sense of community and togetherness that Crown provides. Compared to my more traditional church at home this was quite different. There is also a good balance between worship and teaching so I decided to stay at Crown very quickly.

    One thing I can’t recommend strongly enough is to sign up to a serving team as soon as possible. There is a wide variety of things to get involved in from setting up chairs to playing in the band. I got stuck in on my second week in the operations team, not even knowing the way round Bishopshalt school yet. The small sacrifice of 2 hours less sleep on Sunday mornings has been the best way to get more involved with the church.
    I also attended an ‘Intro’ evening. This is an all-round introduction to the church aimed primarily at newcomers to the church. Things such as the background story, Crown’s principles and life group details are all covered. These are held at several points throughout the year so you can attend one regardless of when in the year you joined. There is also a separate welcome lunch, which speaks for itself really. You don’t want to miss out on some great food!

    Once you’ve been to a few services, it’s time to join a life group (if you haven’t already been recruited to one on your first day, like I was). These are groups of 5-15 people, meeting weekly in homes where you can expect to find bible study, discussion, sung worship and a whole range of snacks. They are very good for learning more about Jesus and His word and getting closer to people in your group. There are several life groups to choose from, dotted around the area so chances are you don’t need to travel far to get to one.

    Of course, the order in which you do any of the things above does not matter. They’re all just suggestions to help you settle in. If you do have any doubts/questions please get in contact with us.

    By Rens Bossers

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