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    Students+ on prophetic evangelism

    Answering your questions on prophetic evangelism.

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    Decade Catch-up

    We’re so grateful for what God has done over the last 10 years. Here is a clip that gives just a flavour of some of the things that have happened...

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    How it all began

    Last week Crown celebrated its 10th Anniversary...this is a little clip that we used to tell some of the story of the time leading up to a launch in...

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    Lifting the lid on CGI

    Ella Hookings shares her thoughts on working with the youth at Crown:

    For the past eight months I have been working for Crown doing a post-uni gap...

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    One of life’s biggest challenges

    “I'll have the worst, spoiled little kid ever” says Jay Z.

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    New Temple (Discussion Notes)

    Around their ten-year anniversary, Paul wrote to the church in Ephesus. In the passage we’ll look at, he addresses the issue of unity between Jews...

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    Mobilise - The Review!

    A few weeks ago myself and 16 other young(ish) people went to Prestatyn, Wales for the annual 'Mobilise' conference hosted by Newfrontiers. The...

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    Overlook this analogy

    Is it better to achieve things from your own efforts or to enjoy the benefits of other people's work? (Warning: this article may contain football...

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    Putting the cross in a box?

    With the London Assembly and London Mayoral Elections taking centre stage tomorrow, I have found some great reading on the following two websites...

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    Future Grace (Discussion Notes)

    Life Group Discussion Notes for 29.04.12