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  • Image Welcome Lunch - primary image

    Welcome Lunch

    On Sunday 9th June at 1pm. If you’re new to Crown and haven’t attended one of our Welcome...

  • Image Summer Plans - primary image

    Summer Plans

    May. 16/19

    We're excited about the two summer 2019 festivals planned for both our youth and the whole church...

  • Image Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Night - primary image

    Thy Kingdom Come Prayer Night

    Praying and worshiping with other local churches in Hillingdon, Friday 7th June 7.30pm at St...

  • Image Members Feedback and Prayer Night - primary image

    Members Feedback and Prayer Night

    Wed 10th July, 7.45pm. A chance for trustees and elders to feedback on the past financial year at...

  • Image Submerge Service - primary image

    Submerge Service

    The last Submerge Service of the academic year, Wed 29th May, 7.30pm. For all Students and 20s.

  • Image Jammin in The Living Room - primary image

    Jammin in The Living Room

    A chilled, laidback and friendly place for young people 15-19. Every Friday in May from 8.30-10pm...

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