Uni-bonding and plenty for twenties

  • Sharing British life and culture with international students.

    Bath, Brighton, Cambridge, Greenwich, Oxford, Stonehenge… since 2006 we’ve been running trips to cities and places of interest around the UK. We want international students to build new friendships as they experience the rich history and culture of this country.

    The range of activities has broadened to include camping, kayaking, hiking, shared meals at Christmas and Easter, meals with British families, church visits, picnics and BBQs, but the aim has remained the same; Inspired by God’s love for the nations, to share great experiences and build lasting friendships.

  • We want Crown Church to be a place where students and twenties grow in their bond with God and find deep, fun, and lifelong friendships. Submerge makes that happen by organising times and places to flock together, and by generally being incredible.

    So what’s with the name? Well imagine if you take a plastic ball and place it on top of some water it will just sit there, bobbing around without going anywhere. Now take the same ball, submerge it under the water, and when you let go it will shoot out of the water and reach the sky. Do you see where we are going with this?

    At Submerge events we want to go deep, gathering a mass of students and twenties to immerse in God’s Word and Spirit, and build strong friendships. With guest speakers, vibrant corporate worship, panels to fire questions at, and social events, there’s rarely a dull moment. Whatever your experience or inexperience of church, Submerge aims to meet you where you’re at and help you go deeper.

    We tend to gather one Sunday evening a month for a time of corporate worship and teaching, and at other times throughout the month for social events.

    Twitter - @CrownSubmerge

    Facebook - /CrownSubmerge

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  • If you are an International Student living near Hillingdon and would like to meet someone to practice English or find out about British culture, please email:



  • James & Zoe Harland photo

    James & Zoe Harland |

    James and Zoe were married when he was still capable of a ‘flock of seagulls’ hair style. James serves as an elder at Crown and works as a Senior manager, leading process, quality and compliance teams. Zoe educates their four children and manages the busy home life and serves in the church Kids Work.

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