• Adoration

    James Hunting
    May 21st 2017
    Jesus taught us to pray by starting from a place of adoration "Our father in heaven"- giving us the right context for everything else we want to ask of God.

  • The Power of an International Church

    James Hunting
    May 14th 2017
    This morning Crown Church celebrates its international diversity. The gospel is powerfully displayed as different languages, nations and cultures cross the divide.

  • The Power of the Living Room

    James Hunting
    May 7th 2017
    The first ever church in the book of Acts was built on hospitality. 2000 years later, nothing has changed... God still wants to build His church through your Living Room.

  • The Power of Encouragement

    James Hunting
    Apr 30th 2017
    Is it possible the incredible church planting feats in the New Testament would not have happened without Barnabas's gift of encouragement? See how this God-given gift provides the sun that helps everything and everyone grow.

  • More Than Conquerors: Death & Eternal Life

    Andy L
    Apr 23rd 2017
    Andy looks at the sensitive subject of death and the hope offered in God's Word.

  • The Father’s Move

    James Hunting
    Apr 16th 2017
    James Hunting concludes our Encounters with Jesus series on Resurrection Sunday by telling his story of God’s love.

  • The Two Advocates

    Mizwa Matanga
    Apr 2nd 2017
    Mizwa Matanga brings a powerful message from John 14 about the work of Jesus and the Holy Spirit.

  • The Garden and the Cup

    James Durrant
    Apr 9th 2017
    James Durrant zooms in the lens on Christ’s agony in the Garden of Gethsemene, where He saw the full horror of the Cross and yet still chose to go through with it.

  • Two Grieving Sisters and a Mummy

    Prince Laryea
    Mar 26th 2017
    Prince looks at Mary and Martha's encounter with Jesus that ends with their brother Lazarus being brought back from the dead.

  • God’s Heart for the Poor

    Natalie Williams
    Mar 19th 2017
    When does someone in poverty deserve help and when do they not? Guest speaker Natalie Williams helps us to look issues of poverty and social justice through God’s eyes.