• Everything Everywhere

    James Hunting
    Sep 17th 2017
    Jesus saves, heals and delivers.

  • Vision Sunday

    James Hunting
    Sep 10th 2017
    Discovering the treasure of Jesus.

  • Choosing To Be A People Of Faith

    Vinu Paul
    Sep 3rd 2017
    Looking at the life of Caleb & Joshua and choosing to be a people of faith.

  • God Can Use Anybody

    James Harland
    Jul 23rd 2017
    James Harland brings us the first message in our new series - Mercy

  • God’s Mercy and My Failures

    James Durrant
    Jul 30th 2017
    James Durrant brings us the second message in our series - Mercy. We always fail in life but how does the gospel help us recover from our failures?

  • The Word

    Andy L
    Jul 16th 2017
    How the word of God helps us keep the main thing the main thing.

  • The Holy Spirit

    James Hunting
    Jul 9th 2017
    As the Holy Spirit rested upon Christ, so He rests upon all who are in Christ. The Holy Spirit comes swiftly and softly like a dove and leads us to purity, peace, gentleness and love.

  • Love Never Discards

    Zach David
    Jul 2nd 2017
    Jesus’ release cost him his life. Love always lays down. We lay down our lives for one another. The Reward is having access to the presence of God.

  • Partnership in Prayer: Spiritual Warfare

    Maxine Willetts
    Jun 25th 2017
    We live in the gap between Christ’s victory on the cross and his return when suffering and sin will finally be eliminated. In this gap we pray for God’s kingdom to come in salvation, healing, justice and reconciliation.

  • The Lord’s Prayer: Listening

    James Hunting
    Jun 18th 2017
    Making space to hear God speak in our lives.