• Two Grieving Sisters and a Mummy

    Prince Laryea
    Mar 26th 2017
    Prince looks at Mary and Martha's encounter with Jesus that ends with their brother Lazarus being brought back from the dead.

  • God’s Heart for the Poor

    Natalie Williams
    Mar 19th 2017
    When does someone in poverty deserve help and when do they not? Guest speaker Natalie Williams helps us to look issues of poverty and social justice through God’s eyes.

  • Encountering the Enemy

    James Harland
    Mar 12th 2017
    Looking at Jesus's baptism and temptation in the wilderness, James Harland encourages us to stand firm against the enemy.

  • Wine Tasting

    Mar 5th 2017
    What does Jesus’ first miracle of turning water into wine say to us about what kind of relationship God has in store for us?

  • The First Christian

    James Hunting
    Feb 26th 2017
    James powerfully explores what we can learn about faith in Jesus through the account of the first person to encounter Him after His resurrection.

  • The Insider and the Outcast

    James Hunting
    Feb 19th 2017
    Jesus encounters an outcast of society and an accepted insider. What do they have in common? How do their stories show us how we can encounter Jesus today?

  • The Settler: Encounters with Jesus

    Dan Smith
    Feb 12th 2017
    Have you settled in how you view Jesus? Dan looks at what we can learn from Nathanael's encounter with Jesus in John chapter 1.

  • Crazy Busy - One Thing

    Stefan Brown
    Feb 5th 2017
    Stefan Brown concludes our Crazy Busy series looking at what Jesus says to Mary and Martha about life priorities.

  • Get Missionally Busy

    James Hunting
    Jan 29th 2017
    James takes inspiration from Jeremiah's letter to the exiles (Jer 29:5-14) to encourage us to live with a sense of purpose and passion wherever we are.

  • Crazy Busy: Parenting and Screens

    Laura Laryea
    Jan 22nd 2017
    Laura helps us to see how children and technology can take God's place in our lives, and how to redress the imbalance.