We love kids at Crown Church

  • Sunday Morning Kids Groups

  • A large team of CRB-checked volunteers put on activities for four different age-groups on a Sunday morning. Registration takes place from 10.20am, and our aim is that it will be the best 90 minutes of your child's week (apart from when they have an incredible birthday or something). Here are the different groups:

    - Sunbeams (Ages 1+ )
    - Shining Stars (Reception / Foundation Year 1 & Foundation Year 2)
    - SuperSonics (School Years 1 – 2)
    - KidZone (School Years 3 - 6)

    (There’s also a self-service crèche for parents and babies with audio and video link to the main meeting).

    For information on our activities for those over 11, have a look at our ‘Youth’ page.

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  • Dan & Anna Smith photo

    Dan & Anna Smith |

    Dan and Anna tied the knot in 2009 and serve as Life Group Overseers and in the Worship Band. Dan has been on staff at Crown Church since Jan 2011. He serves as an elder at Crown, and among other things, he leads our Worship Band and writes songs.

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