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  • Image Men Together - primary image

    Men Together

    10 years ago Men Together began from a prophetic picture encouraging the men to gather as a ‘band...

  • Image INTRO - primary image


    The local church is one of the most important, meaningful and beneficial things you can ever commit...

  • Image Encounters with Jesus - primary image

    Encounters with Jesus

    Feb. 02/17

    From the 12th Feb until Easter Sunday, we will come together each Sunday to enjoy encounters with...

  • Image Monday Night Football - primary image

    Monday Night Football

    Feb. 01/17

    Time to dust off your AstroTurf boots...

  • Image Grace School Odisha - primary image

    Grace School Odisha

    Jan. 20/17

    Earlier in the year we mentioned that we were contributing £3000 towards the building of a school...

  • Image Ashburnham 2017 - primary image

    Ashburnham 2017

    We are so looking forward to Ashburnham 2017. We took a great crowd of 70+ from Crown in 2015 and...

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